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New Tea Room


A brand new multi-Tea Room facility has been built at the Mochizuki Cultural Center in Cypress Texas.

This is comprised of three Tea Rooms, with 8, 6, and 4-1/2 tatami mats, made with authentic Japanese craftmanship.

Tea Classes


Become a member and enjoy regular Tea Ceremony classes. Learn more about the Japanese culture and the importance of Chado.

Go to our Contact Us page to learn more.

Special Events


Urasenke Houston just celebrated the 25th anniversary in 2018.  Honored guests included former Ambassador to the USA, Consul General of Japan, and City of Houston representatives. 


This event began at Rice University, with special performances at Memorial City Wortham Hotel, and ended at the new Tea Room Facility in Cypress.

Urasenke Houston at Japan Festival

Stay Tuned.


Hopefully in 2023, Urasenke Houston will be demonstrating Chado at the Japan Fest, in the Japanese Garden area of Hermann Park.


Go to the Japan Festival Houston website for more details.

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