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Urasenke Houston Association


URASENKE is one the three main schools of the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, also called CHADO. Chado is a very important part of Japanese culture and has been practiced for over 500 years.​

URASENKE HOUSTON is almost 30 years old and one of many associations of URASENKE worldwide.  


Urasenke Houston strives to bring Chado, an important component of Japanese culture, to the Houston area, through classes and cultural events.  Urasenke Houston association was founded in June 1993.  This association is part of the greater Urasenke organization known worldwide.

With 35 member Urasenke associations throughout the world, we continue to carry out Chado activities while educating the community on the importance of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

We have promoted Chado in various events and locales such as elementary schools, banks, Universities, Houston City Facilities, Museums, Houston Asian Associations, Houston Garden Club, and the Japan Festival held at the Japanese Garden in Hermann Park.

Why Join Urasenke?

Learn the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, the historic background, and modern day philosophy at Urasenke Houston.

Urasenke Houston is one of the oldest traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony organizations here in the city, and has promoted the Way of Tea for over 25 years.

Be a member of Urasenke Houston and receive regular Tea Ceremony classes and expand your knowledge of Japanese culture and art.


Our Location


We are located at the Mochizuki Cultural Center (MCC) in Cypress Texas, just outside of the Houston city area.  The MCC Tea Room has been named "Boukeian" and was dedicated by the Head Master of Urasenke: Hounsai Daisosho.

This facility houses three Tea Rooms, eight tatami mats, six mats, and 4-1/2 mats.


Organization Officers and Board Members

Honorary Advisor - Murabayashi Hirofumi, Consul General of Japan in Houston

Akihiro "Jay" Mochizuki - President

Reiko Smith - First Vice President

Vance Nobe - Second Vice President

Midori Mochizuki - Chief Administrator

Ritsuko Teran - Vice Chief Administrator

Harumi Bowes - English Secretary

Masami Osborn - Japanese Secretary

Yuko Khezri - Treasurer

Tomiko Mita - Auditor

Akemi Saitoh - Advisor


Officially sanctioned by Urasenke in Japan.  Link shown here.

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