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Midori Mochizuki - Sensei Teacher

Midori Mochizuki was featured in an article “Té House highlights Japanese Traditions,” from the Houston Chronicle in 2006.  She was also featured in an earlier article “Faces In the Crowd:  Midori Mochizuki” by the Houston Chronicle in 2004.  These articles showed how Mrs. Mochizuki has kept the art of the Japanese tea ceremony alive and well in Houston, and how she endeavors to share her knowledge of CHADO.

Mrs. Mochizuki started learning the tea ceremony in Japan when she was 19 years old.  She and her husband Mr. Akihiro “Jay” Mochizuki, moved to Houston in 1983 where she brought the timeless tradition to select events such as the Japan Festival, Cy-Fair College, and other private and public venues.  

For the past 25 years, she has been the driving force to perform and teach the traditional tea ceremony for other Houstonians to enjoy.

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